Weekly Favorites: Least Favorite Lens

We’re so excited to have our first week of themed favorites.  It was such a treat to see photographers branch out and make the most out of their least favorite lenses.  The results were beautiful and it goes to show that we can always create something beautiful, no matter how our equipment might limit us.  Thank you to everyone who submitted and we can’t wait as you come along with us with our new project of “Story in a Snap”.  We will be having weekly themes, all based around storytelling in our photography.  We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

And now, on to the photos.

Rr1 Photography


Christine Jordan Photography


Sharleen N. Stuart Photography


Juli Isola Lifestyle Photography


Trish.E Photography


Thank you again to everyone who participated!  Next week we’ll be looking for photos with the theme of “Favorite Place”


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