“Story in a Snap” Weekly Favorites: {Character}

Oh my goodness what a fun week!  There were so many wonderful photos shared at 30 Minutes in the Life for this theme and they were all wonderful!  I’m so glad that next week I don’t have to judge because I literally wanted to choose all of them…but for now we’re sticking with a top 5.

Next week we’ll be continuing our “Story in a Snap” with the theme of {Tone}.  I think it will be a really interesting week with hopefully lots of different interpretations.

Thank you to everyone who has been participating and I look forward to seeing more from all of you!



Amanda Voelker Photography Facebook : Website

Now onto the top 5 in no particular order (Sorry some photographer’s names are huge and some are normal sized…I have no idea how to fix that)

156991_719469898086103_349572537_nKaren Hunt Photography

1511187_761660147197187_358827998_nLondon’s Bridge Photography

1620877_10152594476028079_1825782385_nThrough My Lens by Jenny

1655828_10151859358011650_2025185049_oAmy Bernard


Amy Nowak Photography

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  1. Really thrilled to be included – yay – thank you so much! x

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