Story in a Snap: Fairytale

Wow! What an amazing week of submissions. It was very exciting to see the images this week, and the new photographers that joined our page and submitted images. Thank you for your support.

The theme next week is mystery and the guest judge is Summer Kellogg of Summer K Photography.

Lastly a message from our fabulous guest judge Juli:

“Thank you for having me this week as a guest judge! This was a really hard, hard decision. Everyone who contributed had a wonderful interpretation of fairy tale. I’ve noticed for myself that simply by participating and putting your work out there you grow as an artist because it requires you to see the possibilities in your images. Congratulations to the top 5!”
Thank you Juli. Make sure you show Juli and the winners some love on their page. A little bit goes a long way.

Amber Jones Portraiture

Amber Jones Portraiture

Crystal Raynard Photography

Crystal-Gord Raynard

4 fishes designs

Kelly Tyack

Kim Hill Photography

Kim Hillard

Lisa Bruins Photography

Lisa Villarreal Bruins

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