Story in a Snap: Backstory

Another fun week of {Story in a Snap} is over.  We are loving all the submissions and can’t wait to see them continue.

Next week we’ll be looking for photos with the theme of {Props}.

Now, onto the favorites.  Here are some words from our lovely judge, Sara Kelly.

“My favorite kind of images are those that tell us a story about the people in them. I especially love those stories when they are real, true, and genuine. The top five images this week fairly sang their stories, and though they are all different, each one says volumes about the moments that make up the lives of the people they portray. Except for Lisa Bruins’. Hers is just so rad I don’t know what to do with it.”

For the top 5 this week we have:

April & August Photography

1801357_10152990743146808_1176254650_o April & August Photography

1836772_837009859659287_560093168_o Karen Hunt Photography1896996_735659529800473_404670543_n Arrow Creek Photography

1897681_660108100712998_108664094_n Lisa Bruins Photography


A big thank you to everyone who participated!  Keep sending in those images!  We love them!

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