Story in a Snap: Nature




Thank you all for another wonderful week of “Story in a Snap”.  We have loved all of your {Nature} submissions!  Here is what our guest judge, Sharleen Stuart of Sharleen N. Stuart Photography has to say about our theme.

Nature is one of my favorite aspects of life. Nature is my down time. It is the time that I go outside and just de-stress my soul, and marvel at the beauty that surrounds us. Whether I am in my own back garden, on the beach, walking the wetlands, hiking through the mountains or diving the deep blue sea, nature continues to blow the cobwebs out of my mind. Nature, for me, pure beauty All of the photo’s submitted were gorgeous, congratulations to you all.

We are now looking for submissions with the theme of {Adventure}

And now, on to this week’s challenge winners!

Trish Engelking

1383710_306774062807996_743150722_n Lisa Bruins Photography


Privizzini’s Passion Photography

1939729_10201154204050857_1768154401_o Sonja Stich fotografías

1957814_421528987983584_907884302_o Jenn Weis Photography


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