{Story in a Snap}: Weather

We’ve finished another wonderful week of “Story in a Snap”.  Thank you to all who submitted lovely {Weather} photos and a big thank you to our judge, Colleen of Colleen Putman Photography.

Here’s what she had to say about this week!

“I was so happy to discover I was to be the guest judge for this week’s photo theme: weather! For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by different weather patterns, found it soothing to fall asleep watching the Weather Channel, and even took several Meteorology courses in college. No matter where you live, there are always incredible ways to incorporate weather into your photography. I so enjoyed going through this week’s photo entries, seeing how different the weather has been in all of your different corners of the world. From frozen leaves to palm trees, each photo was unique and beautiful!” — Colleen Putman

Now, on to the images!

DaMariposa Photography

weather-1-DaMariposa Photography Antonieta Esis Photography

weather-2-Antonieta Esis Photography Act Naturally Photography

weather-3-Act Naturally PhotographyErinn Letts Photos

Weather | @[1411015085822578:274:Erinn Letts Photos]


weather-4-Erinn Letts Photos Kate Morrisonweather-5-Kate MorrisonThis next week we’re looking for {Comedy} Images

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