{Story in a Snap} Poetry and Small Talk

What an awesome two weeks we have had on {story in a snap}. The shares have been amazing, and each week I am impressed by the quality of images.

Let’s start with the top 5 for {Poetry} as judge by Allison Wheeler of Poetry and Prose Photography.

1. Wow!! Love the lighting and processing. Perfection!!
<a Melina Stazia Photography

2. I can really see a story, or in this case a poem. Love the bw! Lynne Bug Photography
3. I’m a sucker for sunsets, and this one is great. Love the color! Mae Rain Photo

4. I love lone trees. The color and composition are great. Nice! Mae Rain Photo

5. Sweetness. There’s a great memory shown here.
<a Amy Bernard Photography

Thanks to everyone for submitting their {Small Talk} images.  I can certainly say that it was NOT an easy task to choose the top 5 images.  They were all so great!!  I’m so glad I don’t have to do this every week.    ~ Stacey

Top 5 {Small Talk}

1.  I love this image of a new baby horse talking to her new friend from Megan Evans Photography.

Megan Evans Photography

2.  Love the simplicity of this image and the B&W!  Melinda Nastazia Photography

Melina Nastazia Photography

3. There is nothing I love more than a Daddy & Daughter image!!  Mae Rain Photo

Mae Rain Photo

4. Love this new baby image from Bobo + Peep Photography!

Bobo + Peep Photography

5.  Look at those precious smiles! They look like they are best buddies and could talk all day 🙂  Lynzi Berg Photography

Lynzi Berg Photography

Thank you again for supporting our page.

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