{Story in a Snap} Proud Mommy Moment

A special thanks to Sophie James from Bluebells On The Green for being our judge this week for {Proud Mommy Moments}.

“Motherhood has been my making. It was my inspiration to pick up a camera in 2006 and continues to be every day. Not just images of my child but the beauty that is suddenly so much clearer since she arrived in my little life and made it so much bigger Judging this week was such fun, every image shared deserves pride of place on this blog because there’s so much love in each and every one. Here’s just a few of my favourites I loved the stories each one told and just how different they all are. A huge congratulation to Amanda on the birth of her beautiful boy Ace from all of us, I can’t wait to see more of his face on this blog.” – Sophie James {Bluebells on the Green} xxx

Top 5 {Proud Mommy Moments}

Erin Shepley Photography

1.Erin Shepley Photography (1)

Chelsea Marie Photography

2.Chelsea Marie Photography (1)

Erinn Letts Photos

3.Erinn Letts Photos (1)

Amy Butterfield Photography

4.Amy Butterfield Photography (1)

Nicki Bosch Photography

5.Nicki Bosch Photography (1)

The theme this week is {gratitude}.  Looking forward to seeing your images.

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