{Story in a Snap} Elements & Warmth

Top 5 images for {Elements:  Earth, Wind, Fire, Water}

Thanks to the very talented Melina Nastazia from Melina Nastazia Photography for being our guest judge for Elements week.  See her comments below on the top images that she chose.

1. I love this image because it provokes a visceral reaction: I can almost feel the wind. The light and movement in her hair is so beautiful, and the composition is so compelling, creating a sense of anonymity–it could be anyone standing there feeling the rush and exhilaration of hair dancing wildly in the wind.

Aisling Images


2.  The tones in this image are absolutely gorgeous. I love the raspy texture of the sand, the beautiful curve of the moat and the gentle blur of the ocean. I love that you can see just enough of the little boy’s profile to know he is captivated by the ocean and wonder what he’s thinking. Such a beautiful capture of childhood and nature!

Karina Christensen


3.  The light in this image is incredible! I love that our eye can follow the path of light right to the little bouquet of flowers and up to the girl’s sweet profile. I love the little wisp of hair catching the light and the beautiful shadow! This perfectly captures the abandon and curiosity with which children explore nature and its elements!

Nadia Stone Photography

3.  NadiaSloane

4.  There is something so serene and mystical in this image. I love the use of negative space and the gorgeous tones. There is something magical that happens on the beach around sunset, and this is perfectly captured here as we follow this little guy, privately exploring this beautiful big world expanding before him infinitely…

Lynzi Berg Photography

4. Lynzi Berg

5.   I love this quiet and soulful moment of introspection as this sweet girl holds her flowers close to her. It makes me wonder of how fragrant they are, who she picked them for, what she may be dreaming about. It makes me think of the many beautiful gifts nature constantly provides when we stop and take notice!

Privizzinis Passion Photography

5. Priv

6.   (I know this is one extra….but I love the image and wanted to represent fire…
This image is so compelling! I am very intrigued by the circle of people brought together around the fire pit, and I can almost feel the heat of the flames in the center! I love the rim lighting on some and the light on others’ faces, highlighting some serious expressions. The somber faces and strong sense of unity in the group makes me really wonder about the circumstances bringing them together…

Rhonda Steed from Just Rhonda

6. Rhonda Steed

Top 5 Images for {Warmth}

Very special thanks to the amazing Lynzi Berg from Lynzi Berg Photography for choosing the top 5 images for {Warmth}.

1. Dania Deweese Photography

1. Dania

2. Karen Hunt Photography

2.Karen Hunt

3. Aya Photography + Design

3. Aya

4. Jujujems Art and Photo Studio

4. Juju

5. Danielle Kilgore Photography

5. Danielle

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