{Story in a Snap} Mischief

Special thanks to Amy Bernard of Amy Bernard Photography for being our guest judge this week for {Mischief}.  Here are her top 5 images. She says, “Really hard to narrow it down to 5! There were so many great mischief moments, I loved following the page this week. Thank you to all that shared!”

Lynzi Berg Photography

This is the sort of ‘getting-even’ mischief I see around my house and I just love the fierceness of their expressions! The BW conversion and zig zag of the water onto his head is perfect!

1. LynziBerg

Mae Rain Photo

Sweet baby-girl mischief. Love the tones and innocence here.


Linger Photography

The light and My Little Pony colors just make this fantastic. I was instantly drawn to the image and love the contrast of how delicate and natural she looks in such odd crazy-kid logic space to be!


Monica McNeill Photography

The happy go-lucky side of mischief. He’s grooving to his own beat and I’m sure the kind of kid mom and dad are often shaking their head at with a smile! The bubbles frame his face is bring the focus straight where the action is.


Michelle Cordner Photography

This image kept me coming back for more. It wasn’t until the several viewings after that I noticed the dangling toes off to right that were surely climbing their way up to no good!

5.Shelli Cordner

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