{Story in a Snap} Framed

Special thanks to Polina Bulman Photography for judging this week’s theme of {Framed}. Polina says, “Thank you everyone for your beautiful work! I use “framing” a lot in my work, so it was interesting to see how others deal with it. It is an honor for to be the judge this week and choose the top 5″

Top 5

1. This one is my absolute favorite – using both negative space and framing makes this image so strong. I was going back to it again and again.
2. It looks like a fairyland and framing adds some mystery, that the viewer is trying to resolve.
3. Hip hip hooray for double frame! Love the story and the energy of this shot.
4. I like how simple and strong  this image is at the same time. Frame adds the depth, and to me it feels like the boy and the dog are in their own world now. Splash of red with everything else white/gray is very nice too.
5. Framing with the window is a typical choice, but how about framing with the window’s shadow! Little girl with her favorite toy – I see so much in this image.

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