{Story in a Snap} : Legacy

This week was so lovely!  Thanks to all who participated!  Here’s a word from our incredibly talented judge, Julie Moses of Jujujems Art and Portrait Studio.

“Judging is always an extremely difficult proposition. I love every image I see and the thought processes that went into creating them. Ultimately THAT process is what grows you as an artist and regardless of if a judge validates it by choosing it as a “winner”, you have already won in the mere creation of it. That being said, some images really resonated with me and so it is those that I choose to speak about here.

Alethia Rains Photography


The legacy here comes from the sense of antiquity created by the processing here. It looks like an image I would find in an old trunk in an attic. A rare and precious find that might connect to me to generations long past.

Michelle Cordner Photography


I am taken back to my own childhood in this image. I adored my mother’s jewelry box, as my daughter adores my very sparse one now. It is amazing how, that though they are only objects, they seem to absorb some of the spirit and personality of their owner. I also love how the story is extended by the image inside the locket that is just barely visible.

RAD Images


I love the scale in this image as well as all the great lines. The narrative is also heartwarming.

Mae Rain Photo


We need images of our mothers from every stage in their lives. I truly wish I had more of my own mother. Truly this will be a beautiful image of a beautiful woman tone cherished for generations to come.

Act Naturally Photography


I love how the photographer has chosen to capture heritage within heritage, both generationally and culturally. The depth and riches of the tones are also outstanding.

I loved seeing the legacies in all of the images that were submitted. Thank you so much for sharing them with me!

Thank you, Julie!!!  This week’s theme is Silence.  Thank you again to all!

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