Guest Blogger: Cate Wnek

I am beyond thrilled to announce our guest blogger for this month’s 30 minutes in the life, Cate Wnek of Cate Wnek Photography.  She is truly an inspiration to me on a pretty much daily basis.  I am always so excited to see her unique and beautiful command of light realized in the beautiful images of her family. 

Here’s a little bit about Cate in her own words:

“I am a stay at home Mama to two boys, wife, and a very enthusiastic natural light photographer living in Maine. I am a hobbyist, shooting to document my children growing up, but for myself as well. I love light, love motion, and the everyday. I love to make an image that matches the excitement of my children in the moment, to match their imaginations and joy. When I am not photographing or thinking about photography, I might be going for a run on our road enjoying the fresh air, sleeping, or savoring a delicious dinner with my husband. I am still not sure what I am going to be when I grow up, but am feeling inspired lately to help others learn photography.”

When asked the question what inspires her to pick up her camera and start shooting she says:

“Pausing and picking up my camera is such a relief to me, in the daily race. It’s a moment to slow down and observe, enjoying the comforting weight of the camera in my hands. Usually I am most excited to shoot when the light is really beautiful, but it could just be a sweet moment or gaze. I look at light all the time now, whether or not I am holding my camera. Photography is both a wonderful escape and a way to enjoy my life a bit more.  One of the most compelling aspects of photography is that there is always something new to learn. I also love the connections I have made with others who share this passion:  the challenge of capturing what we see, and documenting our children just being themselves.”

Inspiring, right?  Now move onto her inspiring work below.  If you haven’t already “liked” Cate’s facebook page, be sure to do so here.

Be sure to stay tuned this coming Monday for our monthly blog circle.  I’m so excited to see what all the amazingly talented ladies in our group have to offer this month and am especially excited to see Cate’s contribution.  Have a lovely rest of your week and weekend – Amanda

  cate_wnek_1cate_wnek_2 cate_wnek_3 cate_wnek_4 cate_wnek_5 cate_wnek_6 cate_wnek_7 cate_wnek_8 cate_wnek_9 cate_wnek_10 cate_wnek_11 cate_wnek_12 cate_wnek_13 cate_wnek_14 cate_wnek_15

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