Celebrating one year – Favorite images


This month we celebrate one year of blogging 30 minutes in the life. How awesome is that! Life happens so fast, and we have captured 30 minutes each month. Just a fraction of time. We have documented the simple joys, the quiet moments, and the big adventures. So it seemed fitting to share our favorite image taken during this year, and here they are:

Rebecka Lefoll – Rebecka Lefoll Photographer

Allison Wheeler ~ Poetry and Prose
Allison Wheeler

Sophie James ~ Bluebells on the Green

Cindy Cavanagh ~ image421 photography

Colleen Putman ~ Colleen Putman Photography

Karen Hunt ~ Karen Hunt Photography
Karen Hunt

Kristi Burton ~ Kristi Burton Photography

Stacey Markel Photography

Mary Slone ~ Mary Slone Photography
mary slone

Amanda Voelker ~ Amanda Voelker Photography

Polina Bulman ~ Polina Bulman Photography
Polina Bulman Photography

Sharleen Stuart ~ Sharleen N Stuart Photography
Renaissance Festival Feb 22, 2014 4934

Summer Kellogg ~ SummerK Photography

Sara Kelly ~ Sara Kelly Photo

Ashlee Tomes ~ London’s Bridge Photography

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