Guest Feature: Holly Donovan

Oh! We are super excited to share our guest photographer this month. Holly Donovan from Holly Donovan Photo captures exquisite moments. She freezes time so perfectly. Personally, I have watched Holly grow as a photographer, and she continues to inspire me. So without further ado, please take a look at her stunning images.



Share a little about yourself:
I live in Chicago, born and raised, and aside from being a photography obsessed, coffee drinking music lover, I am also a wife and mom to four awesome kids. I, like many of my peers, took up film and darkroom in high school and was a photography major drop out in college. I don’t really regret it because I got to travel a whole lot in my late teens and early twenties. I didn’t get into the digital camera format until after owning several point and shoots and being really frustrated and not getting the shots I wanted and having not enough control. I received my first big girl *used dslr as a gift from my parents in 2012 and practiced, practiced, practiced, read, and studied everything I could find about shooting in natural light which is something I didn’t do enough of when shooting film! I do love film still, someday I’d love to get my digs on a Contax even though I will never let go of my box of starter cameras. As far as style, I love to shoot honest and emotive portraits, lifestyle, and use a photo journalistic approach. I don’t like to pay too much attention to technicals, I really would much rather shoot from the heart. That is my most important tool.

What inspires to pause and pick up your camera?
I’m always inspired by unique light. I get inspired by new places, often just looking for inspiration in the world around me, as simple as that place might be. It could be a corner of my home, a field I pass on the road, a movie with great cinematography, nature, poems and quotes, MUSIC, classic childhood moments, very simple things. And obviously, children, all of them including mine


















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