Capturing 30 minutes in the life


1) Saying yes!
As Mothers and busy people, we often get stuck in saying “no”. “No, we are too busy” “No, it is too messy” “No, it is raining”. All valid and very real, but when we pause this to do list and say “yes”, we create an opportunity to capture our everyday moments. “Yes, we can bake a cake”. “Yes, you can jump in puddles”, “Yes, we can visit a farm on a cold day”, or “yes” to enjoying one of one time with one of our children. By saying yes, we pause our busyness for 30 minutes to give our children, our partners or ourselves our full attention.

2) Capture everyday moments
When this blog circle first started, we thought we had to plan an entire event and then capture it. But, honestly, the months where we were doing everyday things are our favorites. An outing is always fun, but those quiet captures of 30 minutes always fill our heart.

3) Get out
30 minutes allowed me to have the freedom to go out and walk. To de-stress, to clear my head, to enjoy what nature has to offer, and to be creative. 30 minutes for me is capturing life in the moment. As a nature photographer I don’t have too much time setting a photo up. One minute it is there and then it is gone. Catching a bird feeding it’s babies allows me to celebrate in the beauty and majesty of creation.

4) Let yourself go.
Be creative and try things you wouldn’t try in a client session. You will fail a lot, but you will learn so much, and the synergy of creating beautiful images of your children while also unleashing your inner artist is very powerful.

5) Less is more!
30 minutes is a lot of time, and if you shoot non stop you can easily end up with hundreds of images. However, if you open your eyes, watch, think and click the shutter wisely then you slow down. It’s not about getting a lot of images, it’s about telling an interesting story.

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