Story in a snap : Carefree

When Holly suggested the theme {carefree} I knew it would be popular. I mean who doesnt like to see our children and families being carefree. But I never guessed it would be this popular. The {30 minutes in the life} community has shared more photos then ever before. It fills our heart with joy to see this community grow and sharing you beautiful artwork. Thank you! And Holly was left with a difficult choice of picking the top 5, and this is what she had to say:

“I really could have chosen double the amount of images for your interpretations of carefree. On swings, in the water, running so fast your (bare) feet don’t touch the ground, impish grins, and dancing in the street. All signs of a carefree moment frozen in time. Awesome week. Thank you for sharing your beautiful images with me and for having me as a guest judge. Hope you all have a carefree week, or close to it as possible xx” Holly

Thank you Holly! The theme for this week is {feet} and our guest judge is the lovely Jenn of Jenn Weiss Photography

M Gladden Photography
m. Gladden photography

Deanna Mae Photography

Crystal Raynard Photography

Privizzini’s Passion Photography

Cate Wnek Photography

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