Story in a Snap {smitten}

What a great week for {smitten} images just as I knew it would be when Megan chose it!  Special thanks to the beautiful and talented Megan from Megan Evans Photography.  She had the difficult task of choosing a top 5 and a winner for this week. Let’s see what she had to say about the week.  “For me, Smitten was all about expression, the look on the subject’s face and how it reflected their feelings. Thanks for the opportunity – I had a blast!”.

This week’s challenge is {expressions}.  We can’t wait to see what you share with us.

Top 5

Wisdom Watson Photography

01_Wisdom Watson Photography

Deanna Mae Photography

02_Deanna Mae Photography

April Kraus Photography

03_April Kraus Photography

Tia Clark Photography

04_Tia Clark Photography

Mary Slone Photography

05_Mary Slone Photography

And the winner is……

M. Gladden Photography

Winner_M. Gladden Photography

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