Story in a Snap: {real}

It’s time for another week of Story in Snap.  A big thank you to A Rock and a Soft Place

Now onto the top 5!!

Privizzini’s Passion Photography

The image of the little hand touching the window of the school bus by ‘Privizzi’s Passion Photography’ is full of meaning for lots of us, especially as kids are getting back to school. I love that it is both a smiling goodbye and hanging on to the connection with Mom for just a few seconds more.


Yeah, She Snaps! Photography

‘Yeah, She Snaps!’ self portrait really moved me because I think I understand some of what she felt about it. It’s a wonderfully lit, honest and beautiful self-portrait.


Rubylee Photography

Rubylee Photography’s gorgeous capture of a waking child really made me think about the pleasure of seeing my children for the first time each morning (though it is usually me rubbing my eyes while they leap about sharp-eyed!). I love how the light leads us to the child’s hands. This picture is about the moment when we wake to the reality of a new day with all its challenges and possibilities.

I felt an immediate connection to the mischievous and very real child in Joni Burtt Photography’s beautifully processed image. You can imagine her eating mud and collecting snail’s in her pockets.
And the winning image is…
I just love how ‘What the focus photography”s winning photo shows us reality hitting a beautifully styled shoot. Processing the picture with a perfect golden glow brings out the comedy of the contrast between the scene that was set and the child’s feelings at that moment.

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