Story In a Snap {soulful}

Another success week here at 30 Minutes in the Life.  I want to thank Charlotte from Three Flowers Photography.  Check out the images she choose and why she chose them.

Cat and the Fiddle Photography

I adore this image, the composition is beautiful.  I think the childs direct eye contact really makes a connection.

Cat & the Fiddle Photography
 This really speaks to me, I adore the deep shadows and the wonderful texture of this little one’s beautiful hair.
Privizzini's Passion
 I really like the composition here, I love that we can just see the little girls gorgeous face.  The colours are so rich, combined with that glorious light in her hair.  My favourite bit however, is the hint of her toy hidden behind her!
Jamie Faulkner
 This out of focus image really reflects the theme, it has a wonderful dreamlike quality. Beautiful.
Lens & Beauty
Lynzi Berg’s use of light and shadow is fabulous, creating such a powerfully emotive image!

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