Story in a Snap {bright}

This week our newsfeed was definitely {bright} after you shared your amazing backlit, light-filled, colorful images with us this week. The theme for this week is {technology}

Lorna of Lorna Oxenham Momtography was the lucky judge this week, and she said:

BRIGHT: brilliant, radiant, lustrous, lambent, luminous, incandescent, effulgent

The submissions this week were all of those things and more. I was spoiled for choice and have discovered so many wonderful new and talented photographers to follow through your shares.

The decision was extremely hard, as they were really all winners. Congratulations and keep sharing beautifulness friends xo

Top 5
Privizzini’s Passion Photography

Summer Cates Photography

Summer K Photography

Tammy Nicole Photography

Romina Fava Photography
romina Fava photography

Winner. Congratulations to Sonja Stich fotografias


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