Guest Blogger: Lynzi Berg

We are excited to introduce our guest bloggers this month as Lynzi of Lynzi Berg Photography. Lynzi has been a wonderful supporter of our page since the start of the year, and we are happy to share her gorgeous work with you.

Please remember to show her pages some love. It is always lovely to share kind words with an artist.

Tell us a little about yourself: I am an army wife and homeschooling mama of three. My boys are 5, 3, and 2, and as you can imagine they keep me constantly on my toes. We currently live in Hamden, Connecticut, where my husband attends Yale, but next spring we will load up again and head up to West Point, NY. There are so many things I love about living here, but I am a southern girl at heart, originally from Louisiana. I am not looking forward to another long, cold winter!

I am relatively new to the photography world. Like most, I got my first “big girl” camera when my oldest was born but it took having my third for me to learn how to use it. The A-mazing Mel Karlberg taught me how to use my camera on manual about a year and a half ago at her first in-home Mastering Manual Class. I’ve gone all in ever since! I started my first 365 project in January of this year, and I launched my Facebook page in March. I am still just a hobbyist shooting mostly for myself and close friends, but I do hope to officially start my business when we move. Sometimes I get so excited about starting a business that I forget how lucky I am to have this time to just shoot what I love.

What makes me pick up my camera? Moments. Those little places in time that make you catch your breath. Those things you find yourself thinking about at the end of the day and never wanting to forget. I want to capture things just the way I see them in my memory. I think that is one of the reasons I love black and white photography. Color fades but shadows and light are timeless.

















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