{Story in a Snap} reunion

Thank you to all who participated in the {reunion} theme.  We’d also like to thank our very own Amanda from Amanda Voelker Photography for being our judge this week.  Here’s what she had to say…

“My heart was so touched seeing all your different interpretations of “Reunion”. After two years of separation from our extended family, we’re getting ready to move back to the states, so this theme is very special to me right now. I loved that the reunion could be between friends, family, animals…all of which are so special in their own way. I wish I could have chosen more, but these are the images that resonated most with me.”

Sarah Landa Photography


Nicki Bosch Photography

Nicki Bosch Photography

Meagan Dwyer Photography


Kate Cuenoud Photography

Kate Cuenoud Photography

Through My Lens by Jenny

Through My Lens by Jenny

Here’s what Amanda said about the image she chose as the winner.

“I chose this image as the winner because I saw it and it made me cry. The composition is so perfect and the moment is so pure and real. Thank you again to all who contributed and thank you for helping to make our little page the success that it is! Cheers” ~ Amanda


Schaer Studios01 WINNER Schaer Studios




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