Story in a Snap : Timeless

What a week it was at 30 Minutes in the Life!  A very warm thank you to So Nia of So Nia Fotografie  for choosing a wonderful theme and an amazing top 5.  I have no idea how she narrowed down the {Timeless} submissions. I was so inspired by each and every one. Thanks for participating and congratulations to our winners!  So Nia was also so kind to include a few words on the images she chose….such a lovely touch!

Winner: Bobbi Jo Stuart Photography

So Nia says, “Children surrounded by falling snow and having fun is one of the most wonderful memories from the past and will always be a great combination. Absolutely timeless and beautiful!


And in no particular order….

Rebecka Lefoll – Photographer

So Nia says, “Lace and Tulle will always be timeless!”


Karen Osdieck Photography

So Nia says, ” A lovely black and white can always be taken out of any time period and will speak to our souls.

This is such a wonderful example.”


Aisling Images

So Nia says, “A great black and white – truly timeless!”


Tiffany Erb Photography

So Nia says, “We as photographers are storytellers and this image shows how much printed images are worth.

This will endure and is absolutely timeless!”


Pretty Pixels Photography

So Nia says, “A beautiful winter landscape image.  A nice take on the theme!”


Thank you to everyone who participated with this week’s theme! We hope you will join us for next week. Stay tuned for the new theme announcement on our Facebook Page.

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