30 Minutes of Inspiration | Adriana Varela

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The moment I first saw the work of Adriana Varela I was totally hooked.  I love everything about her images, they are always so captivating.  I was drawn to her work because, like me, she has all boys and she documents their life in the most natural and artistic way.  Her images are emotive and her use of light perfect and I love her style.  Believe me when I say you can get totally lost in her work.  She is a true inspiration, a lovely lady, and her images portray what a fun life her four boys must have!  What an awesome mum!!

You can find Adriana at her on Flickr and on Facebook. Aug212014_0327 etd lg2 md

Who is your Inspiration?

Jessica Drossin! Her personality, her art, her actions, her textures! She is an amazing artist and a true friend:) One item on my bucket list would be for her to photograph me:)

How would you describe your Photography Style?

Do I have one? I am not even sure if I do.  I love capturing my sons exploring the woods with the sun setting behind them. I always love cool edits but I myself tend to edit on the warm side. My editing process is quite simple and I tend to stick to the same recipe of using my own ACR presets along with Jessica Drossin’s tints.Aug222014_0411 etd3 med

What makes you pick up your camera when you don’t feel like it?

Hmmm, thats funny because I am in a sorta slump right now actually. I’d have to say it would be all the messages from my photography friends stating “I miss your pictures.” I am lucky to have met my best friends through photography:)

What is your favourite time to shoot?

My favorite time is the golden hour, right before the sun sets of course;)

Aug232014_0211 etd md

What is the number 1 item on your wish list?

It is the Nikkor 85mm 1.4 G lens.  I have been wanting that lens for 2 years! Its a goal of mine to be able to purchase it this year.

Aug232014_0840 etd lg3 med2

What is the most important thing you have learned about editing?

The most important thing that I have learned about editing would be to edit for YOURSELF, not for anybody else. Edit a photo the way YOU want it, not because of what you think others would like or how many “likes” it will get.

Aug232014_0743 etd2 md

Film or Digital, Colour or Black and White, Lifestyle or Traditional?

Digital, Mostly colour & Lifestyle

Jul232014_0030 etd md

What is your favourite tech trick?

Shooting 100% in manual mode and using K mode for white balance.  I have been told that I under expose a tad, but thats how I roll;)

Feb092014_0004etd md

What is your biggest strength as a photographer?

Not competing. I am not aiming to be popular, or to have a certain number of fans on my Facebook page, my goal is to document the life of my boys and express myself artistically. If my work inspires others out there to pick up their camera, to learn how to edit, to draw a picture or to just bring a smile to someones face… that to me is success.Jul112014_0490 etd med

What is your biggest weakness?

My weakness would be my emotions. I seem to only be able to take photos when I am content or at peace with my thoughts. When things get tough my camera collects dust. It takes a push from my friends to pick up my Nikon again.

I’d like to thank Hayley for choosing to interview me!! I am beyond grateful!

Jul242014_0130 etd md

Adriana Varela was interviewed by Hayley Hay.

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  1. Oh my word these images are stunning. I always love Adriana’s work as it comes through my feed but it’s really special to see these incredible images together and hear some of the thoughts behind it. Great inspiration.

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