{Story In A Snap} : Relaxation

A big thank you to Alec Mills of Alec Mills Photography for her superior judging skills and her stunning top pics for this week’s theme, Relaxation.

Without further Adieu…

The winner is Kayla Satrom Photography.

Alec’s commentary: “I mean who doesn’t love a happy chill baby in a bowl!? It’s just adorable!!”


Top 4 in no particular order…

Stephanie Mason Photography

Alec’s commentary: “I just love the moment caught! So unexpected, so adorable!”


Christy Elias Photography Art and Soul

Alec’s commentary: “This makes me feel like it could be Summer. I want to lay in the grass under the sun when I see this image!”


Rubylee Photography

Alec’s commentary: “This image just tugs at my heart.  The two of them reading on the couch together…just perfect!”


Thirty7 Photography LLC

Alec’s commentary: “The light and tones of this image stopped me in my tracks. It’s beautiful!”


An that’s a wrap folks for this week’s theme!! Thank you again to Alec Mills Photography!!

Next week’s theme is {Silhouette}.  Please stop by the 30 Minutes in the Life facebook page and share your images with us! We can’t wait to see what you all have in store for us!!

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