Your 30 Minutes: Sarah Landa

I am so excited for this lovely feature submitted by the wonderful Sarah Landa of Sarah Landa Photography. She is located in Seattle, WA and is such an inspiration. Her work is beautiful, soulful, and emotive. Here is what Sarah has to say about these photos.


“I’m trying to get back to shooting personal work on film.  This was from a walk we took as a family over Christmas on Whidbey Island.  For the most part my kids don’t even notice me and my camera anymore.  I’m happiest when they forget about the camera and let me capture who they really are.

These were all shot on film on my husband’s old Nikon F3 (which I’ve kind of stolen from him) with a 50mm 1.2.  This is my family!”


You can find more of Sarah’s work on her:

IMG_01 IMG_02 IMG_03 IMG_04 IMG_05 IMG_06 IMG_07 IMG_08 IMG_09 IMG_10 IMG_11 IMG_12 IMG_13 IMG_14 IMG_15

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  1. Oh goodness this is gorgeous. I love how soft and sensory it is. Such lovely genuine reactions from the little ones.

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