Your 30 Minutes: Angee Smith of 2B Seen Photography

Angee Smith of 2B Seen Photography is someone to watch. I’m always excited when she contributes to our page’s weekly themes and was thrilled to receive her submission. Angee is located in Columbia, Missouri.

Make sure you check out more of her lovely work:

Here’s what Angee has to say about her 30 Minutes

I promised my 10-year-old son a trip to the used video game store after a hair cut in exchange for a photo walk downtown.  We have always lived roughly 20 miles from this town but we recently moved here and I wanted the chance for us to do a little exploration of downtown on our own. We lucked out with beautiful weather that day so off we went. ​

_dsc6062-1_17134263965_o _dsc6117-1_16926816857_o _dsc6128-8_16946356168_o _dsc6138-9_16946567070_o _dsc6167-1_16947879149_o _dsc6179-13_17132430432_o _dsc6211-18_17133867985_o _dsc6246-22_16946024378_o _dsc6254-24_17133752625_o 17107893706_c9c87450c0_o


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