“Your 30 Minutes”: Little Forest Photography

I’m so excited for our featured 30 Minutes this week. This session comes from the lovely and talented Juanita Haslett of Little Forest Photography. Juanita is located in Redcliffe, Brisbane, Australia. Her work is emotive and pure. I’m so happy she has shared this lovely session with us.
Here’s a bit about these images in Juanita’s words:
“My two little ones were born for the ocean. They find the greatest joy just being near the water. On this day, we had our last BBQ on Suttons Beach, Redcliffe, with my parents before they went home, after a visit from South Africa. Waiting for food is a bit boring for a one and two year old, so they decided they need to terrorise the seagulls. I always had this vision in my head to do a photo shoot of birds flying around, so I was very happy that i had my good camera with me. I started to snap away, while they enjoy running around trying to catch the birds. For me, photography brings me the greatest joy when I capture something my heart wants to remember forever, and more often than not, it is when moments happens right in front of my eyes and I have the equipment to capture it. I love photographing my own kids, and i love when i capture those familiar moments, that is bound to be forgotten as they grow older.”

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If you would like to submit your own 30 minutes, please follow the instructions here

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