Contributor Spotlight: Karen Hunt

I’m excited to start a new feature here on 30 Minutes in the Life. We have turned into this amazing community with so much love and support from all our fans and have some pretty exciting things in the next few months. With all that being said, however, at heart we are a blog circle. A community of ladies who have become friends as we document a silver of our lives every month. We want you to get to know these amazing ladies better, so we will be featuring a contributor every week in these quick little spotlights. The question they will all answer, is “What is inspiring you most in your photography right now?”

First up is Karen Hunt of Karen Hunt Photography. Isn’t she beautiful?


Here’s what is inspiring Karen right now:

“The project I am most inspired by recently is my 365. I am mixing it up and not only photographing my children. I am trying to include my husband in my images at least once a week if not more. I love photographing him. I want him to see himself the way I see him. I want to capture him on the good days and the bad days. I want him to feel that he is just as important as the children when it comes to documenting our life through this 365 project. So far he has been a great sport about it and I think he kind of likes getting to see these images of himself.”


You can see more of Karen’s lovely work on Facebook and her Website.

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