“Your 30 Minutes”: Jasmine Keath Photography

We are so happy to have Jasmine Keath, of Jasmine Keath Photography, as our guest submission this week. Jasmine lives in Melbourne, Australia and her images are always full of amazing light, love and often times, the grandeur of the Australian landscape that surrounds her.

Here’s what she has to say about this collection of images:

“These photos were taken on an outing one Saturday afternoon with my family and some friends. I took these just before home time. My older children were still enjoying the company of their friends but my youngest daughter was a little tired so my husband and I decided to take her on a short walk together. She picked a little flower and as we left for home in the car, she fell asleep straight away, still holding the flower.”

You can find more of Jasmine’s beautiful work on her Facebook Page and Website.

30mins-1 30mins-3



30mins-5 30mins-6 30mins-7 30mins-8 30mins-9 30mins-10 30mins-11 30mins-12 30mins-13 30mins-14 30mins-15

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