{Motherhood } Real and Messy

Oh what a messy week! Lots of messy faces, piles of laundry, and spills on the floor. I love that we take the time to capture this mess. Our homes are not made on pinterest. Our children are not cardboard cut outs. They are real and messy, as are our lives. Documenting the real moments in our lives includes the mess that comes with it. It is not something the photography world shares much. We often use words like ” capturing the real moments” or “documenting your life” but we share the images with the clean house, and organized life. We like the images with no clutter, and pretty dresses. We run around picking up the toys, and clothes to remove the distractions. Sometimes, we just need to pull back a little and see that life is not perfect. There is beauty in the mundane. Thank you to all of the brave photographers who contributed this week. We are truly grateful.

This week, the theme is {motherhood}: with me. This is your chance to get in the frame, and participate in your photography journey.

Top picks:

Catchnkiss Photography

Kasey McCoy Photography

Natasha Kelly Photography

Performer Photography

Our favourite image this week:

Holly Nicole Photography

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