“Your 30 Minutes”: Dawn Blomquist

This week we are happy to have Dawn Blomquist share a personal 30 Minutes with us. Dawn is the founder of Project: life your way. Enjoy!!

“My Dad died back in March, he loved the beach.  For some reason, I’ve been feeling a pull to the beach more so than ever since his death.  The photos I’m sharing are from our trip to Crescent Beach in Port Angeles WA.  It was so beautiful there.  To see actual sand and not have so many rocks like the beaches around the south sound area (Steilacoom/Ruston), it was amazing.  The boy had never seen waves before, or climbed up so many rocks.  I couldn’t help but take as many photos with both cameras (dslr and 35mm slr).  I even wrote a message for my Dad in the sand.  I know he would have loved that beach. ”


dawnblomquist-1 dawnblomquist-2 dawnblomquist-3 dawnblomquist-4 dawnblomquist-5 dawnblomquist-6 dawnblomquist-7 dawnblomquist-8 dawnblomquist-9 dawnblomquist-10

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