“Your 30 Minutes”: Amy Becker

I’m really excited for this week’s installment of “Your 30 Minutes”. Our Photographer this week is Amy Becker, although she may not call herself a photographer, even though she is clearly very skilled in photography. Here’s an excerpt from her submission “I am am not sure that I am an appropriate person to be submitting for the blog as I am not a professional. I am actually not really even a hobbyist. I am actually just a very forgetful momma who constantly takes photos of my children to help me remember as much as I can.” Her honesty was refreshing in this time of being quick to label ourselves and her images, amazing! Amy is a Pediatric Physical Therapist in Overland Park, KS. You can see more of her lovely work on Flickr and her Blog, My Four Favorites.
Here’s what Amy has to say about this collection:

“We were getting ready to celebrate earth day by planting flowers and this is one of my very favorite nurseries.  The girls loved looking at all of the flowers and random garden sculptures.  They had big, big plans of picking out a rainbow of colors, but ended up with pinks and a few splashes of yellows.  They also enjoyed climbing all over the cart and of course jumping over and into puddles!​”
Amy-1Amy-2 Amy-3 Amy-4 Amy-5 Amy-6 Amy-7 Amy-8 Amy-9 Amy-10 Amy-11 Amy-12

If you have a session you would like to submit, please follow the guidelines on our submit page!!

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