“Your 30 Minutes”: Angie Marie Photography

I am so thrilled to present today’s “Your 30 Minutes” from Angie Trujillo of Angie Marie Photography and The EXOH blog. I am also so pleased to announce that Angie will be joining our group as our newest permanent member!

Here’s what Angie has to say about this series.

I love going to new places and finding old things. I’ve always been an avid collector of treasure. Yard Sales and Antique Shops are the best places to seek out collectible finds. There you’ll always discover the unknown and forgotten. These places are for the throw-aways. The things nobody wants or sees a need for anymore, until someone comes along, recognizes their worth and realizes they still have a purpose. I spent a work-free Saturday morning on the hunt for such a place. Here in Pensacola, there’s a street that has an average of 14 shops where people sell their treasured junk to passer buyers. It is the coolest treasure trove you might ever happen upon. My first stop was a humble shack, very small and charming. There were tables lined up along a fence and boxes packed full of goodies that were laid out on the ground. I started my search on this mile-long table of dishes, glasses, and knick-knacks galore that were stacked and piled high. For a moment, I thought I was a guest at The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. On the other side of the mile-long table were even more dishes, glasses, and other odds and ends sitting in the dirt. These once cherished belongings were located under a large tree where the sunshine created pockets of sunlight that kept peeking through its branches, which added more to the mood. As I kept walking through, I noticed a variety of plates that were individually spread out on the ground and on a porch, all weathered and worn. Across from them was a unique display of coffee cups and mugs. Row after row of cups. This unknown place displayed the strangest, most beautiful visual forms of art I’ve ever laid eyes on. For someone to see visual art in such a forgotten form is a beautiful thing to witness, especially an artist, and will leave a person awestruck. I don’t just see old dirty things that nobody wants anymore. I see art. I see beauty. I see treasures that sadly have a stigma, because of their appearance and lack of purpose. These are the forgotten things. Their flawed beauty and worth make them very valuable, because they still have a purpose. Everything has a purpose, no matter its appearance or past. I left this unknown place with a whole new outlook on life and myself, and with a bigger heart for the forgotten ones. Like every jar, glass, plate, and cup – they each have a purpose, are one-of-a-kind and special in their own way, shape and form. Just like you and just like me.

“Don’t simply brush away the inexplicable connectedness we’ll occasionally taste as we experience certain people, places, and works of art. These mere seconds of quiet synchronicity and understanding count. They always, always count. You just have to know and believe it.”
-Victoria Erickson

To see more of her beautiful work, you can do so here: {Facebook / Website/blog / instagram}
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