“Your 30 Minutes”: JenDzen Photography

You will love this week’s submission from Jennifer Dzendzel of JenDzen Photography.

Here’s what Jen has to say:

“One of my favorite things about the art of photography is the ability to capture feelings, memories, and life’s little details that come and go so quickly. Using images of everyday activities and today’s stages in life to tell a story that can be read for years to come is a powerful thing. As a parent it is especially important to me to do this with my children. Today they may be discovering in awe little things in life that we, as adults, walk right past without giving it a thought. They are finding joy and excitement in life’s little things and making play out of everyday activities. Tomorrow it’s a new stage that will go as quickly as it came. Later in life I want to be able to remember these little moments in my kids lives and to feel what I felt as I watched it happen for first time.”
Be sure to check out more of her amazing work: {Facebook / Instagram / Website}

jenDzen-1 jenDzen-2 jenDzen-4 jenDzen-5 jenDzen-6 jenDzen-7 jenDzen-8 jenDzen-9 jenDzen-10 jenDzen-11 jenDzen-12 jenDzen-13 jenDzen-14 jenDzen-15 jenDzen-16 jenDzen-17 jenDzen-18 jenDzen-19 jenDzen-20 jenDzen-21 jenDzen-22

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