“Your 30 Minutes”: Elizabeth Roy

The adorableness of this week’s submission for “Your 30 Minutes” is overwhelming. Elizabeth Roy is a photographer in New Jersey. She is a hobbyist with some serious skill. Here’s what she has to say about these images.

“My youngest daughter loves to dress up during the course of our day. My husband works from home a lot, so I often find myself locked up in my bedroom with our 3 youngest children-for hours at a time! I have found that I can get some really wonderful photos of my kids during these times-how convenient! We have two big windows, kids with personality and a mom with a camera-a perfect storm! On this day, my youngest found her sister’s dance costume and she danced around in it! In these images of her, you can see her varied faces and moods and this makes these some of my favorite photos of her!”

You can see more of her work on her Facebook page here
Addie dance outfit_5 Addie Dance outfit-1 Addie Dance outfit-4 dance-1 dance-2 dance-4 fixed up -1 fixed up -2 teeth tongue out

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