Featured Photographer: Rubylee Photography

We are so pleased to share some favorite images from our featured photographer, Sahsha Kochanowicz of Rubylee Photography. Sahsha was the winner of our monthly theme for June so along with being featured she will be guest judging next week and joining us in our blog circle for July.

We asked Sahsha what inspires her to pick up her camera and start shooting and you will love her response:

“What inspires me to pick up my camera every day is the fleeting moments of life.. the little moments.. the times where I know I may never remember if I don’t capture for us to look back on. Like a simple moment of my little guy sitting on the steps resting, the dirty fingers holding the snail, little miss doing poses with her sparkler, daddy holding little guy with toes just sweetly there, and more!”

You can see more of her work here: {Facebook / Website}

Now on to some serious eye candy.

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