“Your 30 Minutes”: Liz Godfrey Photography

I look forward to Fridays as we have such beautiful submissions for “Your 30 Minutes”. This week we have the lovely Liz Godfrey of Liz Godfrey Photography.

Liz has titled this series “Go Fish, Grandad” and here are some of her words about it.

“This was my first time shooting a 30 minutes in the life challenge.  I have never done anything like this before and wasn’t sure if I could accomplish it.  I thought they would look like simple snapshots; not be very cohesive nor evoke any emotion.  Silly me – I worry too much! I realized soon after how much I enjoyed capturing 30 minutes of time in my life and most importantly, I was left with images that my family and I will treasure forever.  Last month, my dad was visiting and while staying with us became quite ill and ended up in hospital for a week.  It was a scary and unexpected time. Thankfully, he recovered and we are forever grateful to the care and love he received.  One of the biggest things that helped to keep him cheerful and positive was spending time with my 8 year old daughter.  She has this zest for life that is simply contagious.  While dinner was cooking, I went outside to capture a game of Go Fish between them.  They were completely immersed into the game and their conversations that they soon forgot I was there.  By the time I uploaded my images and saw what I had captured, I didn’t care if they were snapshots nor technically spot on – I was just very thankful that I captured a moment of time between two people that I love with all my heart.”

{Facebook / Website / instagram: elzgdy / twitter: elzgdy”

30minsinLIFE-2 30minsinLIFE-3 30minsinLIFE-4 30minsinLIFE-5 30minsinLIFE-6 30minsinLIFE-7 30minsinLIFE-8 30minsinLIFE-9 30minsinLIFE-10 30minsinLIFE-11 30minsinLIFE-12 30minsinLIFE-13 30minsinLIFE-14 30minsinLIFE

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  1. Many thanks! Really enjoyed doing my first “30 Minutes” and am now hooked!

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