Create from the heart {this gave me goosebumps} fan favorites

This week was an absolute pleasure to see your beautiful images, and see what makes your heart tick. Each share was stunning. The guest judge was the lovely Carolina of  C. Gonzalez Photography who wrote;

” The entries this week blew me away, the images and the stories shared. The entries this week were especially beautiful as some shared only images and led us to look deeper at the moments captured. It was an honor to be the judge for this week’s theme and narrowing down the selection was no easy task. Congratulations to everyone who submitted an image, shared a story, and inspired us with your beautifully captured moments. Your images truly gave me goosebumps, thank you for sharing them with us.”

Top picks

Adrianna Razor


Lady and the Lens


Stephanie Mason Photography


Allie Wilson Photography




Tammy Nicole Photography

This is not a c-section scar, read on for the full story…
“You may see unsightly scars, I see my amazing beautiful strong body. A body that has been through a mastectomy, a breast reconstruction, five years of hormonal treatment to stop the cancer coming back, a (short-lived) pregnancy, a miscarriage (and D&C), a recurrence of the cancer that was not supposed to come back, more surgery, radiotherapy, a (successful) pregnancy, a natural birth, breastfeeding (on the unaffected breast) and then (when the effects of radiotherapy eventually caused the tissue around the implant to harden “capsule”) another breast reconstruction using transplanted tissue from my tummy. I had some amazing doctors and surgeons, but I was also astounded at the power our bodies have to heal themselves and create life. Every day I am grateful to be here and be able to run around after my toddler. So yes, I reckon my body, with all its scars, is pretty incredible. Thank you Tammy, for capturing the story of my body in this one beautiful image”




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