“Your 30 Minutes”: Lizzy Lou Photography

I’m having a day where I could use some adorable. Lucky for all of us, that’s exactly what is in store for today’s edition of “Your 30 Minutes”. Today we have Elizabeth Glebus from Lizzy Loo Photography as our guest. She is located in Grovetown, GA and has about the cutest little family. She shares with us her youngest boy’s first taste of sweet potatoes.

Lizzy Loo Photography {Facebook / Website}
LizzyLoo First Taste-1 LizzyLoo First Taste-2 LizzyLoo First Taste-3 LizzyLoo First Taste-4 LizzyLoo First Taste-5 LizzyLoo First Taste-6 LizzyLoo First Taste-7 LizzyLoo First Taste-8 LizzyLoo First Taste-9 LizzyLoo First Taste-10 LizzyLoo First Taste-11 LizzyLoo First Taste-12 LizzyLoo First Taste-13 LizzyLoo First Taste-14 LizzyLoo First Taste-15

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