Create the Cover: Nicki Bosch Photography



We were  so inspired by the image created by Nicki of Nicki Bosch Photography that we wanted to know more. We asked her three simple questions, and now we love the image even more.

What were the camera settings? 85mm 1.8, F/2 1/1600 ISO 6400 (it was WAY dark in my kitchen that morning).

What inspired the capture this image?  I have been taking photographs of my little one in the sink bath just about every month since she was born. She’s my 5th and most likely last child, so I really want to freeze these memories. Our dog is just so lovable and sweet. When he jumped up to see what my daughter was doing in the sink, I just snapped away!

What do you love about this image ?  I love this image because it’s a simple and beautiful everyday moment between my daughter and our sweet pup. It’s the kind of wistful memory that all mothers treasure – especially once their babies no longer fit in the kitchen sink.

Thank you Nicki for this insight. Please follow Nicki’s page to continue to enjoy her amazing work.





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