“Mother Earth: Earth and Fire” Weekly Favorites and Contributor Mega Post


What a beautiful end of our “Mother Earth” month. It was stunning to see the different interpretations of the theme as we had lots of glorious dirt, but also earth as a whole. Also, a big thank you to Jennifer Alsabrook-Turner of Bang Images for suggesting we add Fire to the mix.

First off, a huge congratulations to Becs Viveash of Viveash Photography on her winning image! There is so much beauty on this earth and her unique perspective really pulled me in.

Viveash Photography


And now on to the massive contributor and Fan Favorites post!

Vicki Winston Photography


Karen Hunt Photography


Cara Hodge Photography


Cindy Cavanagh Photographer


Lynzi Berg Photography


Colleen Putman Photography


Stacey Markel Photography


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