Along the way: Shelley of My Captured Life

You may have noticed that we have changed the name of this blog series. It was called “Your 30 minutes” but we decided to change the name to reflect the changes we are making with this page and our blog. There are still more to come, so please stay tuned. For this series, we are looking for creative posts that will inspire our community to see the beauty of the everyday and to enjoy the journey “along the way” .

That is why we are sharing the stunning work by Shelley of My Captured Life. Here are her words about these images:

The beach is one of my favourite places.  In Winter, they are the most quiet and peaceful places in Australia. We are so lucky to have some amazing coastline so close to where we live.  We spent an afternoon at one of our favourite local spots. These are some of my favourite images because the kids were immersed in sand throwing, shell collecting, water paddling – they were just overjoyed to be in nature. As a photographer I was of course overjoyed by the beautiful long shadows, textures of the wind-blown sand and the incredible colours in the sky.

You can follow Shelley here:
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30 mins 4


30 mins 2630 mins 28

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  1. Shelley. You are just so amazing. How do you manage to just keep out-doing yourself every.single.time??? These are just beyond words 😍

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