Along the Way: Jackie Dives

Today we have such a treat. Jackie Dives shares the most beautiful and honest collection with us.
Here’s what she has to say about these images:

“I like to take photos of families while they just do everyday things that they would be doing whether or not I was there. I think that these images will best represent them, and they will be the ones that are cherished when they look back at them in the future.

My friend Gina snuggled in bed with her two boys, awaiting the third, is a peaceful and comfortable moment that I feel lucky to have been able to be there for. She gave birth soon after these were taken, so it really is a wonderful time to have captured.

These photos show Gina’s gentle nature with her boys. She is a strong mother, showering them with affection, at the same time as trusting their independence. While I was visiting them, the boys made popcorn, and painted their nails a lovely green. Gina allows them to be grow into who they are, without judgement, and it is a beautiful thing for me to witness and to capture for them. When taking photographs, I only want to convey the reality of each family, doing it in an artful way.”

You can see more of Jackie’s wonderful work here:

Facebook: jackiedivesphoto


Instagram: jackiedivesphoto

GS-1995 GS-2010 GS-1883 GS-1913 GS-1920 GS-1937 GS-1946 GS-1958 GS-1968 GS-2013

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