Along the Way: Justine of Milkdrunk and Dreamy.

This week we have something beautiful  to share with you.  Those busy mornings when we slow down to enjoy the moment with our toddler. Personally, I know they pass all too quickly, and I look back on these days with beautiful memories. I only wish I had taken the time to capture the moments like Justine of Milkdrunk and Dreamy.

You can follow Justine here:
MilkDrunk And Dreamy 

About the images:

‘Every week, we have ballet. I thought I’d take the time to capture this
weekly ritual. Abby will wake up and have breakfast of her choosing.
This morning she decided Peanut butter by the spoonful was appropriate
(she gets that from my husband not me I swear). I also decided to hand
over my camera and let her take a few shots from her perspective, not
bad either! Which was nice to be included in documenting this day as I
normally am behind the camera in all our family photos.

After ballet we normally get lunch a coffee and a baby chino. In the
middle of summer its Boost Juices, regardless. we treat ourselves. I am
so glad to have taken the time to do this, while Ive been taking time to
notice the little things about this day, Ive come to realise its so
short lived. Abby will be going to school and our little lunch dates
will be few and far between. Something I’ve been taking for granted.’

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