The Photographers

We are a group of photographers that came together after Amanda posted in a photography group on Facebook. She asked if anyone wanted to join her in capturing 30 minutes in the life and blogging once a month. We started as a group of photographers, and we are now friends. As Mary recently wrote 

“We are a collection of photographers from all over the world, who gather together once a month to share a glimpse into our daily lives. We really do span the globe – Naples, London, Istanbul, Sydney, NYC and more! It is so beautifully fascinating to see how these women’s lives resemble my own. Despite the miles and continents that separate us, our hearts are together”

Mary Slone of Mary Slone Photography

Karen  of Karen Hunt Photography

Website    Facebook

Karen Hunt

 Sophie  of Bluebells on the Green Photography

Website     Facebook


Stacey of Stacey Markel Photography

Facebook     Website

Stacey Markel

Colleen of Colleen Putnam Photography

Website     Facebook


Sharleen of Sharleen N. Stuart Photography

Facebook     Website

Sharleen Stuart

 Amanda of Amanda Voelker Photography
 Cindy of image421 photography

Julia of A Rock and a Soft Place Photography

Charlotte of Three Flowers photography
Mary of Mary Slone Photography

Meagan of Meagan Dwyer Photography


Sonia of Sonia-Epple-Fotografie

Lynzi of Lynzi Berg Photography
untitled (1 of 1)-20
Kelly of 4 Fishes Photo
Kelly Tyack
Hayley of Hayley Hay Photography
Hayley Hay

Carolina of C. Gonzalez Photography

Alec of Alec Mills Photography
Angie of Angie Marie Photography


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  1. Dear Lovely ladies,
    How does one add photos for your challenges or competitions please. I love your site and works. Warm regards Charlotte Starup

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