Story in a Snap : {Silence}

Another week of our “Story in a Snap” has come to a close.  We are so happy for all those who participated.  As always, so many lovely photos were shared with us!  A big thank you to our guest judge, Danielle Aisling of Aisling Images.

It was NOT an easy task to select a top five from this group – the images submitted were amazing, and the different interpretations of “silence” were just fabulous. The ones I (finally!) chose all spoke to me in terms of the theme. The technical aspects of each of these five images are fantastic, but it is the story behind each of them that drew me in and kept pulling me back to them again and again. There are variations of quietude – a new song, a different view, patiently waiting, gazing into the the unknown, a sudden realization of life and death – that are so everyday but so moving. Fantastic work, everyone!

Tracey Bohland Photography10471328_761999600487750_6018306673696002795_o

Brightly Photography


Polina Bulman Photography10365360_10203452885857304_6879514878407385077_o

Onyx Photography by Maria E.


Meagan Dwyer Photography


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