Guest Blogger: Sam Mothersole

This month we are thrilled to be in the company of Sam Mothersole of Sam Mothersole Photography.

Sam has an amazing understanding of light and how to use it, everything she touches turns to gold. So lets get to know her a little.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I love seafood, red wine, shoes, and summer………
I love jeans…… and probably own way too many …..
I dislike the cold , although i do love the rain, and the perfect storm,
I absolutely love food, so its only right that i am married to a chef ! !
We live in beautiful New Zealand with our  2 little monkeys ….who get roped into modelling for me a lot ,as you can imagine….( my big boy, 9yr old Seth and the lady of the house… 7yr old Corey isabel ) & 4 furry babies too ….. Sampson the giant german shephard /husky X , who is 15 going on 2 …. and our little long haired guinea pig , Sid, plus 2 baby goats, Ziggy and Betty Boop……. who keep us on our toes…..all are often my editing companions as i work late into the evening on the computer…. so as you can see its a real family affair………
I’m very lucky and adore my cute little family…….who wonderfully support me on this quest of world domination….. xx …….


What inspires you to pause and pick up your camera?

It sounds cheesy, but i would have to say the pretty light…. I’m obsessed with it……. as well as just watching my own kids, my muses…….and their own little weird ways they do the things that makes them THEM…. to me they are the most beautiful people I have ever seen …..the way she crinkles her nose when she finds her own joke funny……or the way my son walks across the room… it’s such a swagger … I love it . and it’s him….. I love watching them and could happily snap them all day long……. not sure how well that would do down though? hehe …. moving them into the pretty light? haha Mum, stop it ….

But that inspires me to get the best most wonderful moments out of my clients when I am shooting for them…… I love seeing the looks they give each other and capturing something really special for them to look back on and get those tingles and tears when they can see the love too x its awesome.

You can find Sam here: Facebook / Website .

Time for a treat for your eyes, Sam’s stunning images


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