April {Mundane, yet Marvelous}: Week 2 Favorites

The sub theme of this week was “It’s not all fun and games”.  I was so in love with all the submissions we received with so many different takes on this theme.  Thank you all for following us down this crazy path as we change things up a bit at 30 Minutes in the life.  We have some BIG and exciting things in store over the next few months, and these first steps are super important…so Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping to make this a success.

As always, it was SUPER hard to pick a winner, but I chose this from DaniPress Photography.  It fits the theme perfectly and she is so artful, yet clean in her composition.  The light is beautiful and the other diners behind the slouched down child just adds to the depth.  I LOVE this image.  So CONGRATULATIONS

DaniPress Photography


And now the top 4 in no particular order…

Rebecca Waldock Photography


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